Where are you Gu?!

Hello everyone! You might be wondering where I have been for the last… two months (has it been that long? Oops…) and I wanted to let you know that I’m currently studying abroad in London right now! 

Does this mean you’re not going to post anything until you get back?
Pish posh! I actually have a biweekly column under the same name at my college’s newspaper The Daily Gazette. You can check it out here and get recommendations around the Philly area. Here are some of the articles I have written so far:

Wait. So are you not going to write about DC places to eat anymore?
Silly, of course I will! I have plenty of reviews that still need to be written (and retro-timestamped…) so fear not! They will all come when I get back from abroad so be on the look out sometime in January (that is also when I will be back in the DC Area!)

Stay Hungry,


The Wonderland Ballroom

Sunday morning (especially during the summer) is probably my favorite time of week. Why you may ask? Because that is the ideal brunch time. Last Sunday was no exception and once I woke from my slumber, I asked a friend whether or not he had any brunch plans. Turns out he and a couple other college friends were planning to go to The Wonderland Ballroom up in Columbia Heights. Since I have never heard of the place before, the name definitely intrigued me so I adventured up from Foggy Bottom to see what it was all about. Arriving at the corner of Kenyon and 11th Street, I saw my friends sitting in an outside picnic table area where a bunch of other customers were eating and chatting away. My friends who lived in the area later informed me that the Wonderland Ballroom turned out to be a popular dive bar in the area and also happened to serve a good brunch. With Bottle Service Mimosas ($11.00), a sunny day, and a good group of friends, the morning could not be any more picturesque.

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Founding Farmers

I heard about Founding Farmers from co-workers and friends in the DC when I asked around for a brunch place in the Foggy Bottom area. Brunch, probably my favorite meal, was what apparently Founding Farmers does the best so I wanted to see it for myself. Walking down Pennsylvania Ave from Washington Circle, Founding Farmers’ location in a large corporate like building give by passers a false impression of the atmosphere inside the restaurant. Although a little loud on the first floor, the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is very lively and full of energy. With its modern interior, this place definitely seems like a great place to have a meal with friends.

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